Today’s Prayer (01/22/2020)

Oh Lord, it is so good just to lift my hands up in praise and worship Your great Name. There are even times that all I want to do is move around while crying out to You in prayer. Some times when a worship song comes on, I just want to dance before You, for You deserve all that I am within me. I am saved because You died for me on the cross. I am so blessed because the Savior of the world decided to dine with me. My life is changed because You are with me now. I can call upon Your Name and know that You will be there to answer me. There is no doubt in my mind that there are great and mighty things in store for my life, because I seek You often, even in my thoughts. Thank You so much for speaking life inside of my lost soul. Because the Holy Spirit is with me now, I am made alive in You. There is no holding back the things I am able to do now because You have me by the hand. Even when I was in sin, You heard my cries and carried me on your shoulders to safety. I am no longer weak but made strong in You. I can do all things, because You strengthen me in Your Word, in prayer, in worship, and in service to You. Thank You, Lord. I pledge my whole life to serve You now and forever. Come and make a place for me not only in heaven but inside of me at all times. With Your shield, the enemy has no place in my life. I can walk in Your love and not have to worry about sin and doubt entering my life. You have paid it all for me. Now, I just need You evermore. I love You, Lord. All the praise and glory to Your great Name. I honor You not only with my words but in my actions. Use me for Your kingdom. I honor You. Amen.

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