Today’s Prayer (01/15/2020)

Lord, I love You and only wish to do Your will. If there is anything in my life that offends You now, please strip it from me. I do not wish to grieve the Holy Spirit, but to walk in Your ways, oh Lord. Dress me in Your robes of righteousness, that I may shine Your light in the darkness of this world. Cleanse me this day of any sins that I have committed, that it may be forgiven. I love You more than the things of this world. Nothing the enemy can offer me can take Your place, oh God. I have already experienced the pleasures that the world had to offer me, and only found temporary pleasure in such things, and also a lot of guilt associated with it. The worst thing of all is that these things drew me away from You. My time was wasted in the things I watched on TV, movies, the internet, and video games. And it all was of one word, FILTH. Yes, God, I was filthy because You were not with me. Sure, there may have been a portion of me that wanted to live differently, but I never showed it. I knew of You and even said I believed, but I was only lying to myself. I’ve learned that if I do not obey Your voice, while not allowing You to change my life, I am only a hypocrite in saying that I am a Christian. Truly, my sins cried out to You and I kept them hidden in my heart. So I want to tell You how sorry I am and thank You for rescuing a wretched person such as I. I did not deserve Your mercy, but You extended it anyway. You heard my confessions and had compassion for my soul. Thank You, Lord. All I want to do now is listen to You and obey Your voice. I love You, God. Amen.
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