Today’s Prayer (08/02/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that all people that desire to know You will come unto You with a humble heart and receive You fully this day. May there be no more putting aside this important step for another day, but be real with You and accept what You did for us, Jesus, on the cross. Then, will we be sanctified and made righteous before You. I know that You want to teach us, but we can’t be ready to do what You have said until we have been redeemed by Your blood. Our hearts are not ready until this point. Your ways are higher, but our flesh is weak. Therefore, sanctify us and wash us clean. Cleanse our heart and mind from evil fault we have done. Have forgiveness upon us Lord. We desire Your mercy and trust in You. Help us to be ready to heed Your counsel and walk in You ways. You are my God and I love You. I trust that whatever You have planned for my life, that is important. I’d rather be saved in Your kingdom, then to continue in my own flesh and sin. I need Your Spirit to resurrect me and help me turn from my sins. This way, my life will be strengthened by Your hand and I will be ready to stand up against the enemy. Your light is what I need to scatter the darkness and escape the temptations of the evil one. Thank You for washing me Lord, of all my sins. Because of this, Your ways have become delight-some in my mind and all I want to do is obey Your commandments. They have become a lamp unto my feet and I am so happy. So have Your way within me, all the days of my life. Help me to endure in the faith and not turn away. I love You more than anything else. Amen.
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