Today’s Prayer (06/22/2019)

Oh Lord, my God, it is such a blessing and an honor to live this life for You. You are my greatest delight and I am more happy than I could ever deserve. You have truly done great things In my life and I am so grateful. Thank You God. I am in awe at Your great love for me. Just thinking of You, Lord, brings tears to my eyes. I have never been so loved by anyone but You, my Father. I pray that this love that You have shown to me, over the years, will also continue to bless other people’s lives. May my actions show my love and devotion to You in all that I do. Your light is what I’ve found and I want everyone to know that You are the reason for it. My life has been transformed because of Your compassion, mercy and forgiveness for my life and I cannot hold in my praises to Your glory. You deserve every praise and honor for the things I’ve accomplished and will still do by Your great and mighty hand. I’ve dreamt for many years to find freedom from all my sins and addictions and You heard my prayers and brought rest unto my soul. I knew not how to change my life, but by Your presence I found a new way think and to live. Truly, it was Your counsel that showed me the way. There was no longer a situation that was too hard that I could not get out of. And Lord, no temptation now is too strong as to take me down, because Your Spirit abides with me. I love You more than this world and all things. You are my greatest joy. Oh, how I love You Lord. May my faith and others continue to rest in what You did for us on the cross. I trust in You, Lord. It is an honor to live this life for You. Amen.

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