Today’s Prayer (06/09/2019)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful for Your presence in my life. If it was not for You leading me, I would still be worrying about my job situation and my health issues. Instead, because my faith is for You and that I only want to experience Your love in my life, everything has worked out for the good. You have never stopped loving me and even through my health problems and job situation, You gave me peace through it all. All I had to do is seek Your hand and my path was made straight. I knew exactly what I needed to do next. Even my health situation ended with You taking over my pains and healing me. Thank You so much Lord. You are such a blessing in my life. I prayed that You would touch my groin area and it would be healed. I told You that I had faith and knew that You were there for me and You answered the call. This I know, because Your promises never fail. And because of this Lord, I was able to experience that healing touch and receive a new job also. Thank you so much Lord. You are such a dear Father and truly cares for my life. I may not be perfect, but strive every day to live a life for You. Because without You I have no peace, but only pains. It is hard to even imagine a time that You have not been a part of the life. Surely, I am strengthened daily in Your great love. I have peace day in and day out and know that You have my back, when times are hard. My flesh may want to give up sometimes when it is hard, and even look at other ways to be happy, but this is always for naught. I have learned from the past that doing Your will is the greatest joy of all. I love You most, God. All the praise and the glory to Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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