Today’s Prayer (05/05/2019)

Oh Lord, I love You so much. What You’ve done for me on the cross means the world to me. Because You died and suffered for the sins of mankind, I have found freedom. Your blood has covered me and washed away all the guilt and shame in my life. Every sin that I have committed was before You and still You wiped it clean from Your mind that I might have peace. Thank You so much Lord for redeeming me and for putting my life upon Yourself that I might live. I was once in chains but You broke them and set the captive free. What a wonderful God You are. Oh the compassion and mercy. There is no one like You. Your love has changed every part of my life. In Your strength, I am guided safely through this life. Because You live inside of me, I am no longer on my own but have a Savior to help me every step of the way. Thank You Jesus. I pray that I may never turn back and that my soul will always do Your will. I no longer want darkness in my life but to ever be in Your light. This is where the beauty and joy comes from and my heart longs to always be with You. So lead me every day out of temptation. Help me raise my shield of faith and fight valiantly through every storm that comes at me. I know that I am more than a conqueror with You on my side. Because You are my Father, I am truly blessed. You are my God and hear my cries and are my deliverer. In good times and bad, You give me direction and lift me up when I am down. Thank You Lord. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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