Today’s Prayer (03/08/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray that more people will live out their faith and be a witness for You. There are so few people that I meet that have a heart to follow You and to evangelize. I wish I could instill in their hearts a sense of urgency to proclaim Your gospel to the world, but I know that only the Holy Spirit can convict people’s hearts. It really is amazing to read Your Words and see the early disciples truly follow You no matter what the circumstances. They were willing to declare Your great Name, even if it meant persecution and death. It was better for them that people were saved then to die in their sins. This is the desire that I wish more people would have, Lord. It seems that only few people truly want to live a life in Your service. Most people would rather live their own lives then to follow in Your ways and be led by Your hand. This truly worries me Lord. I am afraid that people think that they are saved simply by saying they believe, when truly their heart is not in it. These people, if they were to humbly look at themselves, they would see that You are not the king of their lives. I do not wish these people to die and be confused as to why they are not saved, instead I pray for revival in their hearts. I know one thing Lord and that is, that true faith is to also do Your will. We can’t have one foot in and another foot in the world. May every Christian come to know this. Maybe then will they desire to follow You and do whatever You have for their lives, no matter what. Even if it means being a witness for You in this fallen world. This I pray, in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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