Today’s Prayer (03/04/2019)

Oh Lord, I pray for every person in the faith. May their faith sustain them when trials and even persecutions come their way. I know that times can be hard and so many people have already given up hope in You and their faith because of it. Because of this, I hope and pray that there will be those that have the heart to endure this, even when persecution comes their way. I know that some people have to endure more trials than others. The same can be said for those that have to endure more persecutions than most. In these times, it is surely a blessing to hear that people that have not left their one true love, which is You, Jesus. That they were willing to go all the way and do whatever was possible, even unto death for Your cause. What a blessing to hear people growing as a community of believers even when great sorrow has hit their lands and the people they love. This truly demonstrates their great love for You and what they are willing to do for Your sake. I know Lord that witnessing Your truths comes as a cost. Not everyone has been willing to listen and many have ridiculed me. In all this, Your faith has never failed me. Through these experiences, my faith has grown even stronger. My love for You and other people is elevated. Even my passion and boldness is greater than ever. And in these difficult moments, everything makes sense when You are with me. I know that all these things are for my growth and learning in the faith. For this reason, I am privileged to be Your witness at any cost to myself. I will go and find the lost sheep, no matter if my life is at stake. It is all for You Jesus. I love you more than this life. In Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.
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