Today’s Prayer (12/04/2018)

Oh Lord, I am so grateful to study about Your coming to this earth. It is refreshing to know that You were born of a virgin and came to save us all from our sins. You could see that we were all in trouble, therefore, You took upon Yourself the weight of our sins, that we could find freedom. You were born and lived a perfect life. However, evil people despised You, my Lord, and lifted You up on a cross. Though it was necessary for our salvation, it would have been so difficult to see You go through this and die. Surely, You paid the price for all our sins and did it all because of Your love for us all. I will never understand everything You’ve done for me but always know that Your grace is sufficient for me. I know that Your mercy endures forever and that was shown by the sacrifice You made for us all. I am so grateful for the cross. I am so grateful for Your birth and Your desire to free us from bondage. You are my King and I give You my life and my whole heart. I love You Lord. Amen.

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