Today’s Prayer (11/05/2018)

Oh Lord, I pray that my marriage and others will be strengthened. Come and showcase Your love within my marriage and all others that are struggling. We need You to move us in a new light, starting today. We know that our marriage is important but for it to be revived, Your hand needs to be involved. You can help bring that passion for our spouse, even though it is lacking now. We can only do and try so much but with Your power in our lives, we are more than capable of showcasing Your great love towards one another. Yes, Your love can take us to places we have never experienced before. We will do and say things that are out of ordinary. Like tell our spouse, on a frequent basis, how beautiful and precious they are to us. You can move us to tell them more often, how much we love them. How deep our soul longs for them. That they are our greatest love aside from You. This will revive our hearts to do more for one another. To listen to their needs and act on them. To carry out Your desires in their lives. What a great thing, this will do to rejuvenate my marriage and others. I trust in You God. You can do all things in me and my spouse and my marriage. She is my delight and no other woman will bring me love like she does. I love You Lord. Amen.
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