Today’s Prayer (09/09/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, please spark an interest in every believers heart to read the Bible daily, that they may not be led astray. Also help them find a translation, like the King James Version Bible, that is Word for Word. May they do their homework on the Bible translation that they have before diving into it. It is sad to see people read translations that are missing your plain and precious parts. Every time this happens, these people’s mind are being clouded and the full truth is never taught. I pray that these people that are in this mess now may change their ways and read a translation that is Word for Word. And Lord, my heart aches to see so many people being led to believe that Your truths are also found in books outside the Bible. These lies are being bought by so many people and it is hard to see them go astray. I was once a part of a church that taught this and am so happy that You have brought me out of it. Thank You for opening my eyes to the truthfulness of Your gospel, that is only found in the Bible. Your Words are now found in my heart, mind and soul, that I may not be led astray again. I just wish that more people would be able to understand the truths of Your Words. Maybe then, will they stop finding fault in Your Words and put aside these other translations and books. May everyone that is lost, have their eyes opened today. I trust in You Lord. I love You. Amen.

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