Today’s Prayer (07/26/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, thank You for helping us know where we stand before You. Thank You for bringing to our attention all our sins. We do not wish to be wicked but holy before You Lord. And we know that only in Your presence can we be made righteous. We are not able to be good on our own will. And if any goodness comes inside our lives, it all comes from You. It is Your great love for us that moves us to be kind to others. It is Your forgiveness that helps us forgive others more freely. We love as You love us Lord. You have cleansed our hearts through Your blood and I am so grateful. Thank You for resurrecting me from the dead. Though my flesh was dead in the things of this world, You have come and given me new life. All the darkness has been scattered and Your light is in my sights, and it is glorious. This gift of forgiveness and mercy is so precious Lord. Thank You for Your compassion. May my life also reflect this same compassion to everyone I meet. If people are in need, help me to show them love and kindness. May I be so generous to help them as You help me daily. I love You Lord. Amen.

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