Today’s Prayer (02/22/2018)

Daily Prayer:
Oh Lord, it is so good to praise You. It is so good to give You thanks. You are so deserving of honor and praise. I am so grateful to be called Your son. Thank You for calling me in and forgiving my sins. I was so lost without You. My life kept falling into the same traps, over and over again, until I finally had enough. All I needed to do was reach out for You and You did the rest. You saw my humble heart and answered my call. You saw my chains and cut me loose. You took my evil thoughts and cast them out. My heart was wicked but Your blood has cleansed it. I am free at last because of You, Jesus. I am born again in Your love. Now that You have saved me from a life of sin, all I want to do is praise You. I want everyone to know that You are our Savior. People can also find peace and mercy, if they trust in You. I know that only You, Jesus, saves. For this reason, I put my trust in You till the end of times. I will love You forevermore. Amen.
February 22, 2018
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