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Come And Be Fed

…of my addictions on my own, but Jesus could. All I needed was to put my trust in Him and He broke the bonds. I was no longer a slave… Continue Reading

Pray For One Another

…to His truths. What God can show you is greater than what all the world can give. He will do great things in the lives of those that trust Him…. Continue Reading

Come To Jesus And Rejoice

…thing ever. Your mind becomes invigorated in the Spirit. Your heart becomes transformed to live a better life for Christ. Your trust turns from yourself and the things of this… Continue Reading

Love Your Enemies

…I trust in You. You can do all things. I pray that more people will be saved. Lead me to the broken. Let Your light so shine in my life… Continue Reading

I love Jesus

…happiness take me places that I’ve never gone before. I trust in You, Lord. I am excited because of what You doing for my life. I love You. Amen. Let… Continue Reading