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…also involved in the porn addiction. It means that if you are caught up in such filth, then you are not saved and are on a pathway to hell, if… Continue Reading


…we continue in our sinful ways and go to hell. This is out of love that he taught this and I use the same approach when sharing this message with… Continue Reading

I Call Upon God, Who Saves

…David said, 1“Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings.” This is the grave reward for all unbelievers of… Continue Reading

Judgment Day Has Come

…was nothing left to say. So you stood there as God judged you. Because you lived a life of sin, you were also damned forever in hell. Please understand that… Continue Reading


…wrong things, will that keep us out of heaven and cause us to go to hell? The answer is yes. This is because Paul taught, 5“be ye therefore followers of… Continue Reading

Why We Have Breath

…Christ, but they chose their own path and will now pay the consequences in hell and then the judgement. While suffering and trembling because of the punishments ahead of that… Continue Reading

Abortion Is Murder

…then goes on and says that to offend children has consequences and that is to be 3“cast into hell fire”. Please understand that children, unborn or born, are precious in… Continue Reading

Doctrines Of Men

There have been so many so called Christians that have died and gone to hell. This is so sad and could have easily been avoided. 3Willful sin is a big… Continue Reading


…are in danger of hell fire and damnation. 10Paul taught that all murders go to hell and have no place in heaven. The commandment, 6“Thou shalt not kill”, must be… Continue Reading


…are living in this sin and do not repent then only hell awaits your soul. The unrepentant sinner has no place in heaven. But you always have a choice. 6Will… Continue Reading