First Paradise, Then Heaven

We will receive comfort in death, while in paradise. However, in heaven, there are no more tears, death, sorrow, crying, or pain.

False Vs True Teachings On How To Get to Heaven

Here are three false scenarios on how to go to heaven. #1 There are many ways to heaven. #2 All people that have died can go to heaven. #3 Belief in Christ saves us, so no life change is necessary is so wrong.

New Heaven And New Earth

As John mentioned above, the bride of Christ will come down from the new heaven and upon the new earth.

Heaven Is For Believers In Christ

And what will heaven be like for those that believed in Jesus, even until death? Well John said the following through a revelation from Jesus Christ.

Death And Going To Heaven

Heaven is going to be a beautiful place for every true believer in Christ. So keep living for Jesus until your very last breathe.

The War In Heaven: Part 1

Jesus was born from the lineage of David. He is Christ the Lord. The church is protected from Lucifer, who fell from heaven.

Do You Want To Go To Heaven?

Do your favorite things have God in the mix? Is your favorite book, the Bible or other books? This life we are leading can either go two directions.

The New Heaven And New Earth

One day in heaven, God shall come and wipe away all tears from our eyes. There will be no more sorrow, nor death.

Heaven Or Hell Awaits

There will be a day when everyone will be judged before the Lord, Jesus Christ. He can see the person we are today and the person we can become.

No More Pain Or Sorrow In Heaven

This is the time, as Christians, to live out our faith in Jesus. We prepare each day to meet God, for tomorrow is not promised.

Our Choice Is Heaven Or Hell

To those people that made a choice to repent, and turn from their sins, and unto Jesus for salvation, these people are saved.

No More Sorrow In Heaven

Before my dying breath, I hope and pray that Jesus will use me to deliver His words to as many people as possible. I want all the world to know that Jesus saves.

Requirements To Enter Heaven

When we love the Lord Jesus, all of these things become a part of our lives. As we give our lives to Christ, He is able to transform is.

Who Will Enter Heaven?

Jesus has taught us how to live our lives in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven. It is made clear that sinners will have no place there.