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Heaven Or Hell Awaits

When asking people about heaven or hell, most people want to go to heaven. However, why is it, that the only time they think about this question is when someone… Continue Reading

Heaven Or Hell?

in His ways. He is on their hearts and their minds. I declare that there is a heaven and there is a hell. All those in heaven are in paradise… Continue Reading

Who Will Enter Heaven?

What does Jesus require of us to enter heaven above? He taught, “blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Those that love the Lord… Continue Reading

Requirements To Enter Heaven

According To the Bible, there are requirements to enter heaven. Those requirements are below: Note: Their associated scripture references have a number. Be Born Again 6 Call Upon The Name… Continue Reading

No Marriage In Heaven

…so many great teachings from our Lord Jesus. One of His teachings was on marriage and if people would be given to marriage in heaven. Read what He says before… Continue Reading

The Pathway To Heaven

In life we have two choices. Follow Jesus and be saved in heaven or follow after the things of the flesh that leads to death and destruction. There are different… Continue Reading

The Fall Of Lucifer

There is one big reason why Satan was kicked out of heaven. It is because he was a great and mighty angel or cherub in the sight of God and… Continue Reading