The Christian Life

If you are not currently all in for Christ, then this Christian lifestyle may be foreign to you. This ability to live a life pleasing to God may be difficult for you.

Consider Your Life Before God

When we believe and know about the Lord Jesus, it is good to seek Him out often, through the Bible and prayer. This is where He is able to speak to our heart and soul and lead us into righteousness.

Take Rebuke With Joy

When you are in sin and are approached about it by someone, don’t get upset, but thank them and repent.

God’s Goodness In Us

As we are called by Jesus to “abide in me, and I in you”, the more we do so, the more we will walk in His good works.

Keep Your Promises To God

Solomon taught that these things that we promise to God, but then do the opposite, God hates. We are so foolish in this.

The Comforter

When Jesus was about to leave this earthly life, He explained to His disciples that He would always be with them.

Jesus Is God

The Bible is clear that Jesus is God and also our judge and creator. He is our Lord God and deserves our praise and worship.

The Place Of Judgement

As for those people that have either rejected the Lord Jesus in their lives or didn’t show fruits of their faith, they will have a very different outcome, come judgement day.

There Is A Time For All Things

Surely, there are many things that we can do in our day and throughout life but most important is our choice to follow Jesus and do as He commands.

God Gives To the Foolish And Wise

While I pondered about God’s presence and everything I had done apart from Him, I felt so guilty. Deep down, I felt so foolish.

A Life Of Vanity

Think about your life and what you have done and gained from it. Has everything brought you the happiness you were looking for? Now examine what you have enjoyed the most.


If you feel impelled to have the best things in life, those things that you gain are all vanity. Also, the things that we do not need but gain anyways is only acting out of covetousness.

A Virtuous Spouse

If your marriage has problems now, because of an unfaithful or unbelieving spouse, know that this can all be fixed with God’s hand in your lives.


What foolishness, to blatantly fall into sin, when you know better. Don’t people realize that such things causes a rift between them and God?

The Bible Is God’s Word

Because people cannot always be trusted, do not let them tell you that God’s Word is also found outside the Bible, in other books.

Seek First What God Commands

If people could just realize how evil they have become, and how it affects other people and God, maybe they’d be more willing to change their lives.

To Be Rich In The Lord

One day, every rich person that does not have the Lord’s blessings in their lives, will be cut off forever from all happiness and joy.

Living For God Or This World?

Every person that is living in the world does not understand what they are missing out on. There is so much joy, happiness, peace and love they do not encounter without God.

Hell And The Lake Of Fire

John prophesied of the white throne judgement. Where “the dead, small and great, stand before God.” Among these people are those in hell.

Accept God’s Counsel

Who do you trust? Is it God’s wisdom, through prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship or other people of this world?