Today’s Prayer (03/17/2023)

Oh Lord, I pray for the sake of the Mormon people Help them know and realize how far gone they really are. These people proclaim that they believe in and follow, You, Jesus, but in reality, they don’t. Instead, they believe in a god that fits their own belief system. I’ve tried to reason with them and they say things like, “I am already saved”, or “thanks but no thanks”. Others in their cult say, “I don’t listen to Bible bashers and people who worship the Biblical text”. Lord, it is as if they think that just because we know and study Your Words often, we must also worship them. But I believe that You taught us to search the scriptures. There is so much more we can learn when we simply open up the Bible and read and study it, then turn to watch TV and rot our minds. God, I have had enough of not only what TV tries to do to my mind, but also what Mormons try to do through their mind control. TV, gaming, and their religion is no different. Help them know that they are under the control of Satan. I believe in You, Jesus. You can do all things. I love You. Amen.
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