Today’s Prayer (11/28/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your true teachings will reach those who are stuck in religious systems that do not save. The Mormons are luring in innocent bystanders while bringing them into their cult. Not only do their teachings disgust me, but when people mock You and Your Words in scripture, I have to come out and tell them. God, I rebuke these false teachers. They may think that they have the truth, but in reality, it is of the devil. Help people all around the world to know You, including people in this cult. Lord, I have family members who are faithful to this faith. I have tried to share Your truths with them, but most have ejected me each time. I am even forbidden to go to my wife’s sister’s house because I might tell them about You, Jesus, and Your truths. Lord, I know that persecution will come to those who share Your gospel message, and the same thing can be said about family members rejecting us and making us an outcast. I love these people and it is difficult knowing that some of them don’t want me over at their houses anymore. I love You, Jesus. You are worth losing my family over. I give You glory. Amen.

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