Today’s Prayer (10/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that many people will examine their lives and get right with You before it is too late. So often do we do something similar day in and day out and forget about including You, God. Whare people doing? Have they forgotten their first love? I hope and pray that people didn’t just pray a prayer once and think they are saved. How deceived are these same people? Lord, awaken people in my city and in all the world to know and follow You. So many people are slumbering, not realizing that tomorrow could be their last day. Therefore, I pray that seeking You first in their lives will become a desire that springs out of more people. Then will people make ample time for You each day and not think that making time for You is a burden. Each day I live, I live it for You. You are my delight and to whom I give praise. I love You, Jesus. Amen.

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