Today’s Prayer (07/03/2022)

Oh lord, I pray that people will know how to distinguish between You, the real Jesus, and a fake one in other books. One thing I know is that You will never contradict Yourself, of which other writings outside the Bible often do. One such book that is really disturbing is the Book of Mormon. The people of this cult are very hard people to reach for Your kingdom, for they have been ingrained from birth in what they believe to be true. And if we come sharing a different gospel than what they have heard, they will not accept it. Even if the gospel we share is from the Bible, these people would rather believe what their modern-day prophets say than what we read in the Bible. This is one of the only religions that state they are Christian and would say this, which is very disturbing. How is it that they can wake up each day and feel like they are on Your side when they only believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly? Even their Book of Mormon, they would say is perfect in its translation even though we have no golden plates or evidence for it. And so these people have blind faith and are blindly walking the path of destruction. I truly want to reach them with the truth, God. Therefore, lead me to people who are ready to hear Your gospel message and be saved. I love You, Lord. Amen.
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