Today’s Prayer (06/25/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Mormons will hear what You have to say and not just what their prophets, church leaders, and books teach them. These people are so closed off to Your truths and when we will to talk with them, they often only wish to argue and justify their corrupt and false beliefs. You have led me to many people over the years who are LDS that have been open to the truth and I am so grateful to have been in contact with them. Where they are at today when it comes to You and being saved, only You know. I am only Your servant, planting seeds of hope, but people must allow the Holy Spirit to come and do the rest in their lives. Else what I and others do when it comes to our witnessing to Mormons, it will fall upon bad ground that cannot take root. You know who these people are that will never listen to and learn from Christians. These types of individuals are easy to spot, but it is hard to stop witnessing to someone who has become a friend over time. I just ask, God, that people who are ready to accept the truths of Your gospel message, that You will bring them to me to witness to. I am only one person, so please do the same with millions of other Christians throughout the world. I love You, Lord. You are my God and my King and I worship You. You deserve all the glory. Amen.
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