Today’s Prayer (06/09/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will look to the cross and live. This is where You died for our sins, Jesus. May every person who believes in You also acknowledge this important fact. There is only one way that we can be healed and that is through Your atoning blood, which was shed for us on the cross. Thank You, Jesus. I am so different now since Your blood covered me and my sins. Before You came, doubts would fill my mind. I thought I was too far gone and Your payment for sins could not cover me. Surely, Satan kept me doubting You for many years. You know as well I do, Lord, that I was a wretched sinner before I found You. You could have easily written me off a long time ago and caused me to die in my sins, but You had mercy upon my soul. Your patience is out of this world. I don’t deserve Your love. Thank You for seeing through me and the person I would become in the future. I was so blinded to see the truth until the day You heard my cries. I felt Your loving arms come over me and everything felt much different. I knew You really loved and cared for my soul. You are my dear Father that I love with all my heart. I give You praise, God. Amen.
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