Today’s Prayer (05/23/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help unfold the truth to us. Many people feel like they have found it already when really they have found false teachings that are not for You. I felt this way for over thirty years of my life, until the day a light bulb came on and everything changed. You revealed to me how false Mormonism really was and I could not bear with it any longer. If I was truly for You, then I would also be willing to lose friends, and even family members for a time. Surely, to leave what was comfortable for me, my wife, and my kids, was a lot of work at first. However, what I was going to do for You in the future meant more to me than any relationships I formed on this earth. Yes, God, If I live and die for the flesh and momentary pleasures, then I never was for You at all. For this reason, I put everything aside, and at the foot of the cross, for You to remove from my life as needed. Thank You for taking what I knew then and conforming me in Your ways. It is my desire to live for You. This real desire to be conformed in Your ways started in 2014 and has only grown since then. It is Your Spirit in me that causes me to be moved and do what is right. Lead me this day and forever. I love You. Amen.
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