Today’s Prayer (03/29/2022)

Oh Lord, help us to know Your will. You are the last sacrifice for sins, Jesus, but if there is anything we need to offer up on our behalf, please let us know. In this hour, I will offer up these four things. A life to serve You; to hear Your voice and do as You say; to know Your will and also tell others also; and to love You with all my heart and my neighbor as myself. It makes me so happy when I am in Your service. It is a joy to be Your witness in this darkened world. Many people hate me for Your sharing Your gospel message with them, but that is up to these people to reject this message of hope. Surely, many people have a false hope in their lives and are following false prophets and false Christs. This can make a person feel comfortable for a season and even until death, but to die like this is destruction. Therefore, help me find such people who are lost and are ready to receive You. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.
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