Today’s Prayer (03/23/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will give people wisdom when it comes to knowing who Your true followers are and who are not. We got many false prophets and teachers in the world we live in and we need Your continued guidance and direction to not get sucked into any of these so-called churches/cults. Help us to not fall victim to their beliefs, teachings, and evil schemes from the enemy. Not only do I wish to not go astray because of false witnesses, but to also not lead my wife and kids down the same dark road I would be on. I was already part of a cult for most of my life in Mormonism and I never wish to get caught up in false teachings like there’s again. You have saved my soul from destruction and placed me on a path that leads to heaven. I may not have it all together, but You are the one that picks me up each day that I might continue to fight the good fight for You, Jesus. It is my prayer that You will also lead many more souls out of the Mormon religion. I know that this is very difficult for us to do, but with You leading us, we can witness with power and great authority. Then, will they come out of it for You. Lord, I love You and wish to see more souls be saved and go to heaven. I trust in You above all else. Amen.
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