Today’s Prayer (03/18/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will help us make the right choices when it comes to the foods we eat and beverages we drink. In the world we live in, there are many people who would say that one things is good for our bodies and others that would say the exact opposite. Even things we once thought were good for us are now deemed to be toxic and could kill us over time. Therefore, I pray for Your guidance and direction on what I should be consuming. I don’t wish to accidentally eat or drink something that would be detrimental to my health or the health of my wife and my kids. Help me lead them in Your ways and not mine. As I read in Leviticus, I love how You gave specific reasons why certain foods were not good for people. And now I need that same guidance in what is good for us now to eat and to drink. Help me to live a long and healthy life, that way I can serve You to the best of my ability. I love You, Lord. I trust in You. Amen.
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