Today’s Prayer (03/05/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that Your will, will be done as it is in heaven. Thank You for doing a mighty work through me and other people all throughout the generations. There are certain people who have done more than others for the glory of Your kingdom in heaven, but I know that as long as people desire to do Your will, Your purposes will happen through us. No matter how great or small our accomplishments are, all we desire is to be blessed by our King. We are sorry if we could have done more for You, but are grateful for the things we have accomplished in this short time on earth. My motivation to live is to serve You, God, and no one else. Thank You for hearing my prayers and for helping me figure out so many things that I was incapable of on my own. You have helped me accomplish the hardest of tasks in such a quick and precise manner. Surely, what I have done for You could never have happened lest you were with me. And now, Lord, there is a mission trip to Utah coming up in April. Help me and Patrick as we go out and share the gospel with the lost. Give us words to speak and carry us through the Holy Spirit to those who will be interested. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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