Today’s Prayer (01/14/2022)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will come into our lives. Have Your way in us, Lord. On our knees do we fall down and worship You, my King. We are sorry for our sins. Forgive us and form us into the person You wish us to be. We may have lived a life that is unpleasing in Your sight, but we are sorry and need Your mercy. Take any false beliefs and throw them out in the fire also. Through daily Bible study and prayer, speak into our souls Your wisdom. May our beliefs come from You alone. Help us to not trust in people that are really not for You. Many people appear to be good or in the faith, but inwardly they are ravening wolves causing many people to go astray. Truly, on the day that You return and judgment is set upon the earth, many people will say Lord, Lord, haven’t I done all these good things while on earth. However, in all this, You never knew them. What most people do is make up a god to fit their own beliefs and family traditions, instead of searching the scriptures (Old and New Testament) for themselves. So Your words don’t apply to their lives and who they are. This is a travesty, for many of these people seem genuine, but are lost nonetheless. I love You, Lord. Lead us safely home, God. Amen.
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