Today’s Prayer (01/10/2022)

Oh Lord, I give You thanks for my wife and my two beautiful daughters. They are a blessing to my life. Surely, the day that I met my wife I knew that she was different among the other women I dated. And now I know why I felt this way. It was You directing me to her. Thankfully I listened to these promptings, for now, we are in year 15 of the marriage and my two daughters are in high school and nearing the end of grade school. We are happy because You are with us. So much has changed over the years. You have done a mighty work in my life and there’s also. Together, You have led us to Calvary Chapel. For many years, my heart cried out for answers. I was lost in my false beliefs and needed to be rescued. There was also much sin in my life because of lust. I prayed for help and You came to my rescue. In my tears did You forgive me of all my sins. You remembered me among the billions of people on earth and had compassion for my soul. Through Your blood, Jesus, am I made new. You have set me free! I love You, Lord. Lead me all the rest of my days. Amen.
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