Today’s Prayer (06/22/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will be ever with me. Help me to not be led astray by money, the things of this world, and into false beliefs. Teach me how to live my life for You daily, and I will do as You command. I’ve had opportunities in life to become very rich, but not once did it seem right in that moment. There was always a compromise with the riches I would gain. And if there is ever something I have to compromise with my faith, it is simply not worth it. You mean more to me than all the riches in the world. It is also not worth leaving my family for a time, in order to earn more money. This is simply a selfish act that would keep me from seeing my beautiful wife and children for a time. It is hard to believe that people can give in to these temptations and leave everything they have worked for behind. As for me, I am grateful that You have not let me go astray when it comes to money. Sure, I still need to learn how to be more content with the money I have and not spend it so easily. Help me in this area and others that I am lacking also. I realize that I am not perfect, but far from it. That is why I need You every hour. Come abide in me this day and forever. I can choose what is right when You are guiding me. I love You. Amen.

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