Utah Mission Trip (04/02/21)

Today is the first day of the mission trip to Utah. Please pray for both me and Patrick E Roy . We plan to bring as many people to know Jesus as we can. As for today, I drove over 6 hours from Boise to Salt Lake City Utah Airport, in order to pick up my friend Patrick Roy. I worked at a job in Jerome first and then drove the rest of the way later in the day. It was a wonderful drive to Utah. I listened to some sermons and some praise music, which really kept the Spirit going strong. I ended up getting to Utah around 7pm and picked up Patrick from the airport. It was then that we got some food and then made our way to the hotel. That night we prayed a ton and read from the Bible, in order to be spiritually fed and ready for the days ahead. We asked that God would do a mighty work in us and use us for His hands and feet. That God would use us mightily in these next few days, while bringing many souls to Christ. We asked God to allow the Holy Spirit to come upon us wherever we go, that people would see God in us and also come unto Him.

It was a mighty prayer, as many other things were spoken of also, that I do not have room to write. Praying is always the best thing a person can do, in order to start off a mission trip right. That night we opened up the Bible to Revelation 20 and focused our time there. We learned so much more about the first and second resurrection and who would be a part of each one. That the righteous will go forward in the first, while going into life and passing through Christ in judgment. This is where we receive our rewards based on our works in the faith. However, for the wicked, they will go before Jesus in the great white throne judgment. Every person, whose name is not written in the book of life shall be thrown into the lake of fire. And so it was that these teachings of life after death and the urgency to get right with God were stamped upon our hearts that night. How we need to reach Mormons and anyone else who is not currently saved. This is God’s desire to reach the lost, even through His messengers, which we were called to be for Christ and His church. Amen.

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