Today’s Prayer (03/20/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will begin to be anxiously engaged with learning from You, instead of filling up our minds with things from people. So many people are leading people astray, while those that are led away by these false teachings don’t even realize it most times. Therefore, it is important that we are being led by Your hand and not people who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. In these false religions, the buildings often appear so well made and beautiful on the outside. However, from the inside, of which the teachings come from, they are very dark and wicked therein. And so we have millions of people being led on a path to destruction. In death do they wake up in hell and wonder why it is for them. This is very sad, God, for I know that You wish every person could be saved and go to heaven when they die. But one thing has to happen first, as You have taught in the Bible, that we must submit our lives to You, God. If our minds are still set apart for the things of this world and not to live for You, then we will not want to go to heaven when we die anyway. People may think they do, but really they are wanting things that are the total opposite while in the flesh. And so we, as Your true believers, go forth and run to You, Jesus. Nothing in this life is worth keeping if it is only going to grieve the Holy Spirit. If there are any false teachings in our belief system, we are willing to give it all up to follow You completely. This is my desire and I pray that more people will make the same decision today. Because I am for You, I am not against You, Lord. I love You, God. Amen.

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