Today’s Prayer (03/11/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that people who are addicted to pornography will repent and call upon Your Name today in all their confessions. Then, can they experience Your mercy and forgiveness for their lives. There still is time for people to get right with You, but I am afraid that time has already passed for millions of people as I speak. And among those who have died, are thousands of people who were into porn. This is a very sad statistic that I wish was not the case. All this means is that people are waking up in hell from all around the world, even as I speak. A place that people may not even thought of, while they were fulfilling the lusts of their flesh. But now it is a wake-up call for the ungodly. They had their chance to escape the fiery depths of hell while they still had breath, but they didn’t allow themselves to know You, Jesus. Sure, their parents may be saved, but we cannot rely on our parents or another person’s faith for salvation. Instead, we need to gain that special relationship with You on our own accord, God. This is when salvation begins, for the day that we trust in You, You are able to take us by the hand and lead us on the path of righteousness. Lord, there was a time that I could not break free from my porn addiction, but it was only because I was missing the biggest factor of overcoming it. I needed Your strength to overcome. It was the day that I cried out to You in all my confessions that something began to change. Over the next few days, months, and years, my desire to look at porn began to go away entirely. For You gave me new desires, that are for the building of Your kingdom instead. I love and respect You and my fellow men and women now. Amen.

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