Today’s Prayer (02/14/2021)

Dear Lord, You know my heart for You and it is sincere. I love You with all my heart. But there is one person who I wish to be saved before she takes her last breath. Yes, God, it is my mother, who raised me up to believe in You also. May she continue to trust in You, even before her last breath on this earth. I have tried to encourage her to look to You in all things in faith and to endure the suffering. To remain strong with You by her side. I pray that she has listened, and as she has encouraged me over the years to also not lose faith, may she not also. Not in religion, but You, Jesus, unto salvation. I want there to be a wonderful reunion come death. May she be raised up in death and into life eternal. Where she will not only be with You forever in all eternity but also be with others she knew and knew of in the family who also remained steadfast in You. I pray that she will hear those words, “well done, my beloved child”. Her faith in You alone will definitely save her, not what other people have told her saves. Lord, it breaks my heart to know that my dear mother is soon to pass on, but comfort me, my family, and my friends, who also love her as much as I do. Give us strength to carry on and to know that she will be in a better place when her last day here does come. As she sang and played instruments so beautifully in this life, may that continue in heaven. I love You, Jesus. You are my God and I will trust in You, even until the very end of this life and the next. Keep my faith lit in the Holy Spirit. I will go and do as You say, my Father and dear friend. In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
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