Today’s Prayer (01/29/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will rise up as Christians and not just say we are because it sounds good. It needs to not only roll off our tongue in a nice way but also cause people to see a mighty difference in our lives. Yes, God, being a Christian is more than words, but actions. This I wish every person would understand. How being led by You is the true way of life for any person who says they are in the faith now. For this reason, do I follow You, Jesus. Wherever the Holy Spirit will lead me, I will go. I am so grateful to no longer be led by the passions of the flesh, which only got me into trouble. Truly, the Spirit has led me from sin and into great joy in Your presence. I love it when my life is in line with Your perfect will, for I am able to walk this life with You by my side and not have to worry about stumbling. So Lord, continue to shine Your light upon me and others in the faith. Lead us to people who we can do service towards, supply their needs, witness to, pray with, talk with, and even give a shoulder to cry on. You are the one that makes us more of a caring, compassionate, patient, loving, kind, forgiving, and thoughtful person. We can strive to do all this on our own, but we will never finish the race well. Other things will continue to take our appetite away before Your characteristics can enter our lives. As for me, I want no more than to be like You, Jesus. You are my greatest example, and I will follow in Your footsteps to the end of time. I love You, Lord. I praise Your Holy Name. Amen.
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