Today’s Prayer (01/15/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that we will all surrender our lives to You. No matter how far gone we are, I pray that we will continue to reach for You for help. It is when people begin to forget You is when the deeper they will get into sin. Soon, You will be off their minds completely. This can be years that they walk like this until a dear Christian speaks truth to their lives, then they are awakened from their slumber. I am just afraid that there aren’t enough true Christians in this world, who are unafraid of the gospel. People who are willing to share the gospel with their friends, co-workers, and people on the streets, no matter if they are rejected. No matter if people turn from them and they lose their jobs. These are the types of people that this world needs, but I ask where these people are. Are they ready to come forth, but are currently on the fence? The real issue is that people are dying every day and more and more people will finding themselves in hell come death, lest they come to know You, Jesus. And what are we doing to make an impact in this world? I know I am striving to do my part. I have many friends that are doing such more You, but where are the rest of the people who are here to follow You? Lord, abortion is running ramped, but all this could be stopped if we would simply talk to people in love and respect about this touchy topic. People need to know it is a sin and why You say it is also. May more people be saved and come to know You. I believe in You, Jesus. I love You. Amen.
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