Today’s Prayer (01/02/2021)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will keep Your hand of mercy upon my life at all times. Though You are in heaven now, the Holy Spirit is here now, that we might know the truth and follow it also. I wish I could see You, Lord, but as long as I can see You after this life is done, know that I am anxiously waiting for that day. Will You allow me to run into Your arms? I really hope so, for I want to hug You, my Father. I know that many people have rejected You, but I can never understand this. How people can allow the corruption of this world into their lives, where true treasures come from You above. One day in judgment, fear will fall upon every unbeliever and vile sinner. Where Your true believers will rejoice just to see You and be in Your presence. It will not be a time of regret, but a time of rejoicing. For You have chosen us from the foundations of this world. Because of Your sacrifice on the cross, there is forgiveness for our sins. Thank You, Jesus. Your mercy endures forever. Because of Your love for me, I have been able to experience Your great joy which lasts forever. Lord, keep me on Your righteous path until my last breath. I wish to leave this life strong in the faith. Don’t allow temptations to take me down, but lead me far from the enemy. I wish to follow You instead. I adore You, God. You are my greatest joy of all. I give You praise and honor. I love You. Amen.
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