Today’s Prayer (12/08/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that children in the faith will learn to honor both of their parents. That even when one parent seems to be more strict than the other, that they will love them both the same. Sometimes one parent is further alone in the faith and can see the pitfalls before their child sees things. And when confronting that child with what they are watching on their devices or games they are playing, they need to know that we have their best interests at heart. We are not judging them, but trying as hard as we can to lead them in the right way that leads to You, Jesus. I know it isn’t easy, especially when we feel like we have found our right footing in Your kingdom and now new and different rules have to be set forth for our children. We are made different, because the Holy Spirit is with us, and we pray that our children will follow suit. But this cannot happen if we continue to sit idly by while they continue to watch the same things on their devices. They cannot continue to watch the same shows and movies on TV. They cannot continue to play the same types of video games. If these things do not honor You, then they need to stop. And Lord, help me as a parent to reach my children. May these rules not come with push back and rudeness. And help my wife to confide me in what I am trying to do for my children for Your sake. I only desire for them to live for You and not the world. It is my desire to see my children come to know You and be saved, but I know this can’t happen if I let them live like the world does. I just pray that they will continue to honor me in this. The same with my wife also. I love You, God. May Your love reside in this house and keep us from falling. Amen.

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