Today’s Prayer (12/03/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will see the unborn babies and know that You are the creator. And if You are creating these beautiful babies in the mother’s womb, may every doctor, nurse, and other types of workers in these clinics be convicted of their sins, that they may resign and quit today. That they may repent and find forgiveness for all these atrocious and murderous acts. Please also cause every woman who has allowed their baby/s to be murdered in abortion to repent and get right with today also. And I am not only talking about the woman, but any family member, boyfriend, or husband, who has encouraged them to commit this evil deed. Not one person is innocent here when it comes to abortion, and I pray that people will realize this important fact. Any person who had a part in these murderous affairs, including people who vote pro-abortion, is allowing the most precious and innocent blood from these babies to fall down upon their heads. Oh, how their blood cries out from the grave, and only You, Lord, can wipe away these pure baby’s tears. They longed to be loved by their mother and father on earth, but these plans were stopped before they even saw the light of day. God, these babies just wanted a chance at life, but cruel people took away this chance. What beautiful and amazing things could they have accomplished, if their rights were just given to them. This brings me to tears just thinking about what they could have done, but now it is taken away from them in death. So, God, convict people of their sins, that they may repent. Only You can still forgive them, that they might find mercy by Your hand. We just need more sincere people for this to happen. I trust in You, God. I believe in You. I love You. Amen.

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