Today’s Prayer (09/23/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that You will be with my new friend, Casey, from here on out. It was an amazing encounter I had with him today, and I pray that he will remember the things we talked about. That his faith may continue to grow, even to blossom into a personal relationship with You, Jesus. The things I did with him could have only occurred if You were there with us. Surely, You were leading the discussions at hand and also giving me words to speak. I pray that the food that he received will be enough for today and that he will find good people tomorrow to help him also. Lord, I don’t know the type of place he is walking to, after dropping him off, but I pray that things went well. That every wall was shattered, even through Your might Name, Jesus. Lord, I wish people would forgive others the same way that they wish to receive forgiveness from You. His circumstances are difficult since people still see him as a person he once was without You. And I know that only You can change the atmosphere in His family member’s life and begin looking at my new brother in the faith with love and kindness. And Lord, lead him to a good job, which will take him off of the streets for good. He is young and has a full life ahead of him. Thank You for leading him to me. I loved every minute I had to witness the truths of the gospel with him, along with our time in prayer. I pray that he was moved by the prayer also. I love You, Jesus. Be with Casey. Help him. I believe in You. I trust in You, God. Amen.
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