Today’s Prayer (09/10/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will be more willing to stop what they are doing and help others. Surely, You will always stop what You are doing and listen to our prayers, while helping us, but we often cannot do the same for others. So many people, Lord, are too worried about losing their job, or missing out on getting to church or some other event on time, that they pass by people in need in their cars. This is very sad. All I know is that the times that I have stopped to help people have been the most joyous occasions in this life. And after I have finished helping them I am no longer worried about getting to where I was going on time. What I just did for this person was also for God and that was all that mattered. Lord, I wish that more people would desire to love others as You have called us to love them. That they would desire to love one another as we love You, which is with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Even our dealings with people in need should come first before our own needs. Lord, I know that this sounds foreign, but when people realize how important it is to be a light in this darkened world for others, they would jump at these opportunities. Lord, I am praying for people to become more selfless, kind, patient, compassionate, caring, considerate, loving, and merciful. These are all characteristics that only come from You, and by constantly listening to You, while abiding in the Spirit. We can be a light unto this lost generation, but there needs to be a fire that is burning in people. A fire that will consume them from the inside out. Lord, I am filled with Your fire. All I desire is to help people in need, but I am only one person. I need more people who will join me in this kingdom effort. I love You. Amen.
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