Today’s Prayer (06/09/2020)

Oh Lord, thank You for this day and every day that I have breath. It is a pleasure to wake up and know that there is a new day to serve You. It brings me great joy just to follow You and no longer be pained because of my old lifestyle. Thank You for hearing my cries and helping me turn from my sins and follow You. It was sure worth it. I would not want to go back to my old way of living for any amount of money in this world. This new life is meaningful and I feel so much love and peace now. My life has been amazing, since my day of baptism. You have filled me up with the Holy Spirit, the day I came out of the water, and now Your fire radiates out of my whole being. My only desire now is to be a light unto the world. Not to experience the pleasures of the flesh, but to experience the pleasures of the Holy Spirit. There is joy in this world and it is found in You. Everything else is only for a time and space and often has consequences with it, but Your joy is eternal and brings along with it a clean conscience. It is much different than feeling pleasures in the moment, but then being wracked with guilt afterward. What You offer us has no pain involved with it. If there are tears, it is tears of joy and longsuffering. One thing I know is that sickness still comes our way, but having Your presence near makes it easier to endure. I know that this life is a vapor and will end sooner than we know it. Therefore, I see each day as the day of Your return or my last day to serve You. So I go about my day as if it is my last. I will not leave this earth, having fallen back into sin and death, but will continue to serve You valiantly. I only wish to love You and my neighbor. If people are blessed, I am happy. If people come to You and are helped in any way, then I am well pleased. I love You more than anything the world offers. All I desire is to be with You, Lord Jesus, now and forever. One day, I will run to You when this life is over. I will run into Your arms, dear Lord, and tell You how much I love You, praise you, and adore You. Amen.

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