Today’s Prayer (04/27/2020)

Oh Lord, I pray that people will begin to seek You in all that they do. Then, will their desire to read the Bible and to pray be increased. God, it is in these moments that You are able to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to know the truth. Even our soul is then more desirous to obey what You have said and no longer sin behind closed doors. It is because we are cut to the heart by what You have said, that it is now meaningful to us to the point of doing Your will and not our own. Thank You for Your instructions in life. Surely, the Bible is wisdom to our eyes and heart as we hear it and read it. Even when we study it out in our hearts and minds is when knowledge is gained like never before. I know this to be true, for You have changed me in every way of my life. I no longer wish to keep anything sinful in my life or my surroundings. This is when a cleansing is needed. I am so grateful that You were able to cleanse me of all my sins, because of Your blood that was shed. Because of this, I knew exactly what needed to go in the house and in my life. I may not have this knowledge on my own, but with Your presence, what is good and evil is made known so clearly. Even to the point of despising what is wicked and cling to what is righteous. Yes, God, what You offer me is what my heart longs for, not what the world says is good, which is really filthy on the inside. I no longer wish to be gratified because of what the flesh desires sinfully, but what You can do for me in Your holiness. It is purity that my flesh really needs, and when You cleanse people of all their sins, they will also see this to be true. I love your commands, for Your ways lead to eternal life. Keep me on Your path all my days. Amen.
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