Today’s Prayer (04/15/2020)

Lord, I pray that the importance of baptism will resonate in people’s hearts. Even every person that has had the chance to be baptized before and has passed it up, will consider it today. This also goes for people that were baptized as a child, and didn’t know any better than, to be re-baptized in Your mighty Name, Jesus. Surely, this is the time that we tell ourselves that we are now ready to have You live in us from here on out. Yes, Lord, we desire to honor You and to keep Your commandments holy, as we carry You forth in us. Surely, in baptism, we have put on Christ, so the Holy Spirit can be with us also to guide us. Thank You, God, for showing me these things in scripture and directing us all to be born again in the water and of the Spirit. And now I ask every person that has not been baptized to pray the rest of this prayer out loud, for it is for you. I admit that I have done wrong things and am sorry. Please forgive me God. As I go forth in being baptized, I also repent of all our sins. There is nothing in the flesh that I desire to continue doing unless You guide me in it. This day I humble myself and admit that You are my Savior and Lord of my life. I am ready, God, to go on this new journey, with You at the head of my new life. Take all my sins and forgive me now. May I never fall victim to such vile and wicked things again. I am ready to go forth into the waters now, where a person filled with the Holy Spirit will baptize me. What an awesome day this will be. Thank You Lord. I love You, God. Shine down Your light upon me, that I may be filled up with Holy Spirit. I wish to carry You forth all my days when my baptism is over. This I pray, in Your holy Name, Jesus. Amen.

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