Today’s Prayer (04/01/2020)

Oh Lord, I love Your laws and commandments for my life. To do Your will is what brings me joy in this life. Even Your counsel is food for my soul. I am so happy that You have looked into my life and seen the wickedness that was therein, in order for me to repent of it. Whatever is keeping me apart from Your presence is not needed any longer, for living for You is my top priority. I’d rather live in faith, then to have the pleasures of this world fall upon me. I do not need wealth and security in this life, but only what You would bless me with. Even my flesh is better suited for Your kingdom, then to be turned over to the lusts therein, that only lead me to be burdened in sadness, guilt, and shame. I have tested the waters of sin and death, and have found them to be wretched, as I was once wretched inside. Surely, You saw inside of me a person that I never knew existed. A person that was destined for more than what I thought was possible. I may have thought that I had experienced the best this world offered already, but I was so blinded. I did not have ears to hear You or eyes to see You until I was fully surrendered to You. It felt so good to remove the porn, adulterous thoughts, and other lustful intents from my heart. It was a cleansing of my heart and mind, that I had never experienced before. I was renewed through Your blood. Thank You, Jesus. I may have walked apart from You for many years of my life, but now I am Yours. People can say all they want about me, but their opinions do not matter, for my heart is for You only. I am Your humble servant, fully repented, and am here to lean on You for the understanding I need in this life and the next. I love You, Jesus. You are everything to me. I give You the glory and praise. Amen.

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