Today’s Prayer (02/23/2020)

Oh Lord, come into our lives and feed us every day that we have breath. Lead us from temptation and into Your love. We desire to know You greater and to have You with us always. With communion, we humbly come to the table and eat Your flesh and remember everything that You did while on this earth. We drink Your blood and remember what You did for mankind on the cross. You carried our sins, that we don’t have to suffer for them in judgment. Thank You, Jesus. It is amazing to have this knowledge bestowed upon us. I have hope because You are the bread that came down from heaven. Therefore, my soul is fed and I am not left thirsty, because You are in me. It is my prayer that I will live this life worthy of Your presence and never take communion unworthily. So please keep me on the straight and narrow path. Don’t allow evil influences in my life. I do not wish to have any distractions, but have a mind that is sober and fixed on what is needed for Your kingdom to grow. I know that You have a special plan for my life, and I only wish to fulfill Your wishes. So if I am doing anything now that goes against Your will, make it known to me. I wish to have every evil thing ripped out of my heart and soul, that I may serve my King with honor and respect. You are my God and I worship You. I don’t need earthly pleasures to be happy, but only the peace and love that You can offer me. I am joyful, because You have a hand in my life, and not what I can do on my own. I love You, Lord. To remember You in communion and during the week is all I want to do. Amen.
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