Today’s Prayer (02/21/2020)

Lord, I pray that I will never stop seeking You. I know that prayer and reading the bible is important, but living out my faith is necessary also. So keep me on the right path which leads to paradise in heaven. I do not wish to be apart from You but to always be with You. May my life be inline with Your standards and not my own. Help me know when I have gone off course, that I may repent and be drawn back to You in faith. It is my delight when I can be renewed in the Holy Spirit and then walk in Your light once again. On the other hand, it is not my desire to just say a prayer and not be meaningful about it. How awful this would be to just say that I checked in with you and that was enough. If I ever do this, Lord, please convict me of my sins, for I know that I have gone astray into a life of sin. Lord, to not want You in my life is evil speaking. So please guard my soul. Take me by the hand all my days and make me clean through Your blood. It is my desire that You will cast out every sin in my life and replace it with Your love. From the east to the west, rip out of my life anything that deifies the temple of the Holy Spirit, which is in me. I offer my life to You as a living sacrifice to serve You all my days. And if I am called Your son, while being adopted into Your kingdom, then I am the most blessed person of all. For there is nothing I’d rather have, then Your assurance of You being my Father, and I being Your son. I love You, Lord. You are my Savior and the rock, upon which I stand. I give You everything that I am. I give You all the praise and honor, this day and forever. Amen.
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