Today’s Prayer (02/14/2020)

Lord, help us live out a life that glorifies Your Name. We know that we are incapable of doing this on our own and need Your help to accomplish this. So we ask that You strengthen us in the Holy Spirit. Build us up in the Word of God, that we may know what You say and abide in it. Help us understand the need to pray and find answers to life’s questions, and also experience healing for our lives and others. You can do so much for people that will just put their trust in You. It is like Your arms are open all day long, and are waiting for people to just reach out to You in prayer. Then, will You take them home and transform their lives. Surely, only You, Jesus, is the light of the world. No darkness is found in You at all, which gives me hope of living a life that is much better than even now. I may not be the best person, but I strive to live for You, oh Lord. I know that I have fallen into sin, but I am so sorry for these times that the Spirit is grieved. I do not wish to hurt You and our relationship any longer, so I pray for Your forgiveness and mercy. Since light is found in You, cast out all the darkness in my life and other people that pray this prayer. Give us over to goodly things that only come from heaven. Fill our lives with things that will benefit Your kingdom. Help us have clean thoughts and also live out our lives with morals. I know that as I abide in You, I will not fall back into my bad habits or addictions, for with You they are no more. In my old man, I had these instincts, but now I have things that are Spirit-led to do, which brings me joy. I do not wish to experience any more temporary pleasure in things, but only experience Your love that lasts. I love You, God. I praise You, Lord. Amen.
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