Today’s Prayer (11/12/2019)

Jesus, thank You for loving me. You have spoken new life into my soul and I am so grateful. I was lost and then You found me. How deep is Your love? What I have with You is enough. You make me complete. Surely only You could change a lost soul, such as I, and lead me on Your righteous path. I know it took a lot of sweat and tears to start moving in me and to take away all the wickedness and filth from my life, but You stuck with me and gave me clean hands in the end. All my sins have been forgiven and forgotten because of Your mercy and grace. Thank You Lord. Thank You for the cross. What You did for me has changed my whole life. Thank You for willfully dying on the cross and being the payment of sins for me and for everyone that believes in You. Lord, Your ways are amazing and I cannot stop learning from Your Words in the Bible. You have taught me so much over these last few years and my mind has been officially blown by what I have found and learned. Surely, the greatest part of my day now is opening up the Bible and studying it. Then, do You speak wisdom to my soul. I now know how to live my life and be fruitful in Your sight, because Your Words are in my heart continually. They are a lamp unto my feet and I love every You’ve spoken. You have lighted up my life and I am so happy. There is more joy now than any time in the past. I love You Lord. My heart cries out in praise and worship to Your holy Name. Holy, holy are You Lord. May I always be filled with Your love and the Holy Spirit in my life. I need You with me always, in order to be safe from the enemy. So lead me now by Your hand and away from temptation. I need Your armor and no more brokenness because of sin. Let there be no more guilt or shame in my life. All I need to be happy is to be filled with Your presence. Then, will Your joy and happiness take me places that I’ve never gone before. I trust in You, Lord. I am excited because of what You doing for my life. I love You. Amen.
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